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How a Seasonal Treatment this Autumn Will Get You Perfectly Balanced

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Food Choices Matter Too: 

Foods that nourish Qi such as oats, quinoa, brown rice, tofu, seasonal vegetables, especially if combined with pungent flavours - ginger cardamon, cinnamon, horseradish, marjoram, can help enhance our health as we head towards winter.​

The autumn is not always an easy time of year for many of us as we slowly learn to let go of the warmth and easy-going way of the summer. Yet there is much to be gained health-wise from tuning into the energy of this beautiful season. The cooling air and exceptional colours of the trees sharpen our senses, while the mellowing tones of the sun soften our energy.

In acupuncture, this autumnal transition, associated with the Element of Metal, equates to the gradual transformation of life from the buzzing and vibrant Yang energy experienced in the summer to the deep and quiet Yin stillness of winter.  Acupuncture treatments at this time of year can be used to support our capacity to transform our energy from a more Yang to a more Yin state, and to apply the very special energetic qualities that exist at this time of year.

According to Chinese Medicine, two organs, the Lungs and Colon are considered to dominate in the autumn, and for some people this dominance may give rise to particular health issues. For example, because of the Lungs associations with Qi, as well as respiration and skin, there may insufficiencies in oxygenated blood  resulting in pale skin, skin allergies and infections, or breathing problems such as asthma and feelings of tightness in the chest. Impaired or extreme sense of smell, nose related symptoms, including nose bleeds, rhinitis, as well as low or weak immunity, inappropriate sweating, cold limbs, and poor circulation are also typically associated with dysfunctions in the Lungs. Imbalances in the Colon may manifest physically through constipation or diarrhoea, but as this organ is considered in Chinese Medicine to be the ‘dustman’, there are often wide-ranging symptoms from its impairment resulting from the build-up of ‘rubbish’ affecting our entire system. We may start loosing respect for ourselves, looking untidy, unable to focus, or at the other extreme we may become obsessive about cleanliness or overly-picky on the detail, even fanatical about order and precision. Good balance in the Metal Element and its associated organs should therefore leave us feeling clean, pure and fresh in Body and Mind.

With an autumnal seasonal acupuncture session, also known as a Horary treatment, not only will we make sure that the organs that dominate at this time of year are in good health, we will also help you get the most out of the Metal energy, which is at its pick throughout this beautiful season, leaving you feeling balanced, at peace with yourself,  razor sharp in your thinking, and better able to get your life and affairs in order.

There are also simple steps you can take in your day-to-day life to support your health and harness the prevalent energy of the autumn. Sport and gentle forms of exercise that allow you to breathe deep, whether that be swimming, brisk walking in the outdoors, yoga, or qi gong, will all help nourish your Lungs. This is also a potent time to meditate (even if it is just for a few minutes a day!) by strengthening our ability to quieten the mind, focus on our breathing, and detach ourselves emotionally from negativity.  Eating the right foods can help too: seasonal, warming and pungent foods may be especially beneficial to our health over the coming months.