Find out what others have said about their acupuncture treatments at Lisa Lee Acupuncture:

"Lisa is a fantastic practitioner. The acupuncture made an incredible difference and she really listens so that she knows the best way to treat you. Lisa also has a deep understanding of anxiety related issues and was able to educate me on the microbiome and probiotics which was just as invaluable as the acupuncture itself."

"A treatment by Lisa is a rare and wonderful thing. You are immediately impressed with the level of scrutiny with which Lisa approaches understanding what ails you. She is probing and insightful giving you a feeling that you can share with her honestly and in total confidence and that she will use this information diligently to your benefit. The treatment itself is delivered in a calm and deliberate manner and is always done with a level of explanation that reassures you. Lisa is deeply caring, personable and warm hearted whilst being nothing but prfessional."

​"Over the last few months Lisa has helped me with my back pain and more importantly my breathing problems. I live at the bottom of a steep hill and could not get to the top without stopping 2 or 3 times. I can now march to the top and onwards without stopping. I am a great believer in acupuncture and this lady is a good practitioner."

"Very good treatment, you can feel the difference afterwards. Lisa is lovely with a great deal of insight as to how to treat"

"I've been having treatments from Lisa for over a year now and have been really pleased with how they have helped me feel more balanced, grounded and in tune with my body."

"Lisa is friendly and professional. I find it very easy to talk through my symptoms with her. I always leave the sessions feeling calmer, which is a great thing!" NC

"Lisa has made a significant difference to my wellbeing and health. Lisa was recommended by a friend, as I’d been suffering with weekly migraines and constant headaches. I can’t quite believe the difference in frequency of headaches, let alone migraines - the treatment has transformed my quality of life." CC

"Very happy with the treatments...had real issues flying beforehand and had to take diazepam to get on a flight. Successful managed three flights without any since the treatment. Digestion also seen a real improvement...always had problems and since the treatment am much improved. Thank you!" CH

​"Professional, approachable, friendly, thorough, trustworthy, supportive. Really pleased I came to Lisa with my insomnia, I have seen a marked improvement within 3 sessions. Thank you so much." EP

"Lisa's calm demeanour and superb knowledge of acupuncture puts you at ease immediately. Her professional and caring approach resonates throughout the treatment. She carefully listens to your concerns and then proceeds to address them with a most wonderful treatment. The treatment is comforting, healing and induces an internal peace that I wish I had all the time! She has definitely made a significant and most welcome difference to my health and outlook. I highly commend her and recommend her treatment." SC

"I feel really comfortable and relaxed with Lisa, she is so easy to talk to.. She has helped me resolve my sleeping problems, which is the main reason I consulted her initially but has also helped me uncover other issues and the acupuncture seems to be really getting my body back as it should be. In future I hope to be able to visit Lisa occasionally for a “top up”. Thank you Lisa". BP

"After an initial email enquiry to Lisa she agreed to see if she could help with my Anosmia . This is a loss of Taste and Smell after a head trauma over two years ago. After just one treatment I regained a small sense of taste but after the second treatment I could taste my food again for the first time in two years. I am having further treatments to try to regain my sense of smell and although Lisa has made no promises it is looking encouraging. Lisa has literally changed my life for the better and I cannot recommend her highly enough." JW

​​​​"Every treatment session with Lisa has been a wonderful experience, a safe and welcoming environment where you feel supported and nurtured bringing balance and calmness at a time when most needed. I look forward to my session every week and the benefits it brings to my body and mind." JB

"I have great success from Lisa's treatments for a shoulder problem I developed over the christmas period. It hasn't gone completely, but much better" NM

"I have been treated by Lisa with acupuncture for approximately 6 months. She was recommended to me by a friend. Lisa is a lovely and compassionate practitioner who takes a genuine interest in her patients. She is skilled, knowledgeable and intuitive and my energy, health and vitality have improved considerably since I’ve been seeing her." EC

"I suffered in my first pregnancy with severe lower back & sciatica pain & it continued for months after I gave birth. During this second pregnancy, the pain started earlier & was more severe so I decided to give acupuncture a go. I was struggling to sit for long periods of time or walk without limping. Lisa has been brilliant & after about 5 sessions, the pain has almost disappeared. I still get slight niggles but nothing continuous like I was suffering with before. The treatments have also helped with my general well-being & emotional state which is an added bonus. I'm hoping to see Lisa up to the birth of my baby & afterwards to make sure my body is back to how it should be! I'd definitely recommend her treatments to anyone who is suffering in their pregnancy."  LP

"Lisa is warm and friendly and puts me at ease with her meticulous and very professional approach. Lisa has helped me with my anxiety and with my wellbeing, and all-round general health." K, male, 44

​"I just wanted to let you know that I had a near miracle response to the treatment you gave me last Sunday. I didn't have an energy crash for 2 days (first time in 3 years) and I felt so calm and peaceful and had a real sense of strength. It gave me a sense back of myself and I can't tell you how precious that felt. I think that it's going to be the right thing for me to have some regular sessions with you.  Thank you. I really appreciated your thoroughness and intuition on what was needed as well you explaining so well what you found." S, female, 43

"I'd like to say a huge thank you for your insightful and enjoyable treatments. I was very interested in acupuncture and never had it before - your explanations and chats helped me to understand it better. I continue to feel  completely relaxed after each session! I'd thoroughly recommend you to anyone! " P, female, 35

"I came to see Lisa for help with low back pain. Although I was a little sceptical at first that this kind of therapy could work, I was amazed by the results! After just a few treatments, I was pain-free and could resume activities such as running and playing golf. I have also noticed a massive improvement in my energy levels and overall mood since having acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture has now become part of my health routine and I continue to have a top-up session every 6 weeks. I have been impressed with Lisa’s use of different aspects of Chinese Medicine in the treatments and in the lifestyle advice she has given me to help me keep my health in check. I’d highly recommend Lisa’s acupuncture treatments!" J, male, 42​​​


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